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Neosurf refunds: beware of scams

Jan 24, 2023 | Advice

If you bought a Neosurf Ticket by mistake, or if you changed your mind, it is indeed possible to get a refund of the balance of your Neosurf code. However, beware, many sites that impersonate Neosurf and spread false information, try to steal your code.

Neosurf code refund, a popular keyword for fraudsters

Users who are not familiar with the principle of prepaid cards are the target of many fraudsters. The idea is to attract these customers to copies of the official Neosurf website in order to steal the code of Neosurf Tickets.

Very often, the scammers will succeed in referencing their fake form in search engines and stealing codes from users by offering a refund.

Customers who think they are on the official Neosurf website will then enter the code in a form, but it will be automatically retrieved by a malicious person who will not hesitate to use it on their side without the user’s knowledge.

When the customer realizes that no refund will arrive, it is often too late: the fraudster has already used the balance of the Neosurf code and the Ticket is completely emptied, leaving the user with no possibility of getting a refund.

Fake sites that offer to refund your Neosurf code

To reach their goal, fraudsters will imagine many more or less elaborate methods. From copying the official Neosurf website to creating a (fake) refund or exchange service. These sites that use the Neosurf logo are most often empty of any content and their only goal is to make the user indicate the code in a form under the pretext that they will be able to refund the amount of the Neosurf code.

How to get your Neosurf code refunded (the real method)

The official method to get your Neosurf code refunded is to create a Neosurf account on the website

Once the account has been verified by a KYC procedure (you will have to prove your identity by sending identification documents), it will be possible to request a refund of all or part of the balance of a Neosurf Ticket.

What is really possible?

To request a refund, you obviously need to have a Neosurf code that still has credit and is still valid.

To check this information, you can check it exclusively on the official website of Neosurf on the page Check the balance of a Neosurf Ticket.

In addition, it is not possible to request a Neosurf refund from the retailer where you purchased the Ticket.

The refund procedure requires a myNeosurf account.

1- Opening a myNeosurf account

In order to proceed to a refund of a Neosurf code, it is necessary to open a myNeosurf account.

You can only open this account on the address and then on the page ” Sign up.”

2- Know your customer obligation (KYC)

To avoid any dispute and to comply with the anti-money laundering rules in force in France, each account must be “PREMIUM” verified.

To upgrade an account to PREMIUM, simply click on the link in the upper right-hand corner. A verification procedure will be requested

3- Credit myNeosurf account with the ticket code

Once the account and the identity have been verified, you have to transfer the balance of your Neosurf code to the myNeosurf account.

To do this, click on ” DEPOSIT ” and then choose: Deposit to your account “by Neosurf Voucher “.

Finally, enter your Neosurf Voucher Pincode code in the form.

This will allow you to transfer the balance of a Neosurf Voucher to a myNeosurf account and request a refund.

4- Requesting a withdrawal to obtain a refund

Once the transfer has taken place, it will be possible to request a refund by clicking on the “WITHDRAW” button.

Withdrawals and refunds are only sent by wire transfer to a bank account in the user’s name.

To add a bank account, click on “Add a bank account” and then enter the required information (IBAN, BIC and bank name).

Once the bank account has been added, it is possible to proceed with the refund by selecting the bank account and indicating the amount of the refund.

In accordance with the regulations and in application of the conditions of use of our services :

  • you can only request a Withdrawal within 30 days of creating your account,
  • you will be asked to provide proof that the bank account to which the funds are to be transferred is in your first and last name.