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Neosurf Activation scam, don’t fall into this trap

Jan 24, 2023 | Advice, Advice

“Activate your Neosurf code.” If you are offered to activate a Neosurf code or ticket, beware, this is a scam attempt!

Indeed, many fraudsters will ask Neosurf customers to activate their code before they can use it. The purpose of this request is simply to steal the money in credit on the code, and you risk losing your funds completely.

If you read the following, you can avoid falling into this trap.

Do I need to activate a Neosurf code before I can use it?

The answer is NO. A Neosurf code does not need to be activated before use.

A Neosurf code is a payment code, which you can purchase online or in store at one of our partners.

With this code, you can pay at a retailer that accepts Neosurf, without having to reveal your credit card information.

When you buy a Neosurf code, the code is already active and ready to be used without any additional procedure.

Why am I being asked to activate my Neosurf code?

If someone asks you to activate your Neosurf ticket or code in order to proceed with a transaction between individuals, on a classified ads website for example, it is a scam.

Indeed, the fraud consists in telling the victims that their Neosurf code needs to be activated beforehand, and this same fraudster will communicate you at the same time a false Internet address so that you can carry out this activation.

This fake Internet address will redirect you to a fake website, which will often be a copy of the official Neosurf website, and by entering your code in the form provided, the fraudster will have direct access to the money corresponding to your code.

They will be able to use it without your knowledge, and empty the entire balance of your ticket.

What should I do if I am asked to activate a Neosurf code?

If you enter your code on the fake site proposed by your interlocutor, you instantly lose the money available.

If you are asked to activate a code, you can immediately assume that the person you are talking to is a scammer and is trying to steal your code without your knowledge by making you believe that your Neosurf code needs to be activated.

You must therefore stop any discussion with this person. The transaction or the classified ad related to this scammer is necessarily false because the only goal is to steal your code by making you believe that it needs to be activated.

Where do these scammers operate (or how to avoid them and not fall into the trap…)

Very often, the Neosurf activation requests are proposed during transactions between individuals and/or on classified ads websites.

As a precaution, an ad that is too tempting or a request for payment by Neosurf should be avoided.

If the ad or the person you are talking to asks for a Neosurf code activation, do not answer to the requests.

How to use Neosurf on a classified ad site?

The only way to use Neosurf on a classified ads website or for a transaction between individuals is the OBVY solution, which allows you not to fall into the trap of a scammer wanting to steal your code by asking you to activate it.

OBVY is a “trusted third-party” solution that will keep your code during the whole selling process, so the payment will be sent to the seller only if you receive the good or service of the ad. (See the payment between individuals page)