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Keep your Neosurf safe to pay online

Feb 13, 2023 | Advice

A Neosurf voucher is a payment code, which you can purchase online or in a local store at one of our partners. With this unique payment code, you can pay at any website that accepts Neosurf, without having to reveal your credit card information.

But you must keep your Neosurf voucher details safe, as anyone else can spend your money if they have your code.

The best way to protect your Neosurf is to treat your voucher and the code like cash! Transactions cannot be reversed so:

  • Treat your Neosurf Voucher’s pin code just like cash
  • Only use Neosurf at genuine websites that you know
  • Never use Neosurf to pay for items on sites such as eBay or Gumtree
  • Do Not give the code to anyone as payment for items, for fees or for fines

Most of all never email your Neosurf Voucher’s pin code or give it to anyone over the telephone. Some criminals will offer items for sale that don’t exist. They will then ask you for a Neosurf voucher pin code. If you give them this code it is like giving them your cash!

If you are worried that someone else may know your voucher details then tell us straight away using our contact page.

We can try and block the voucher from being used while we investigate what has happened. And if you think you are a victim of a scam we can help you too.

To report a scam in New Zealand you can contact your local police, the Police 105 service at or at
Local advice on staying safe can also be found at

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