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Neosurf launches NeoReload!

Jan 22, 2020

Neoreload is Neosurf’s new remittance platform. In addition to the payments at online merchants, the Neosurf voucher can also be used to reload e-wallets, prepaid cards and mobile money accounts. Given the fact that almost half of the total mobile money accounts are registered in Africa, which also represents two thirds of the global mobile money transactions, and based on Neosurf’s initial partnership with Numherit to reload its prepaid card Postecash mostly in Senegal, the idea was to expand our payment solutions to this type of services. 

Neoreload is a platform conceived in order to facilitate the payments made by users in Europe, Canada and Australia who can purchase a Neosurf voucher or use their mymyNeosurf Account in order to directly reload the e-wallets and mobile money accounts of their relatives in several African countries, as well as pay for services like airtime top up or bill payment. 

Users already familiar with the Neosurf voucher and mymyNeosurf Account will find that Neoreload provides a convenient solution using our secure payment solutions in order to facilitate the remittances between the diaspora and their relatives in Africa and also to pay directly for services for them. The process is simple for anyone who wants to open a free account, start using the services and reload instantly with our prepaid voucher or account. 

Moreover Neosurf is expanding its distribution network in Africa, the voucher being available either at points of sale, through agent networks or can be edited directly using an e-wallet or mobile money account, meaning that the Neoreload services may also be used by local people in some situations, mostly for airtime top up and for reloading their mobile money accounts. 

Other e-wallets, mobile money and services will be added in more countries so do not hesitate to visit regularly to check for updates and enjoy the new services. The money transfer in partnership with Cashplus in Morocco will be the next one available very soon !